Ray Larsen’s 90th Birthday Celebration- Sunday December 22 at 10 AM

Christmas Eve Barn Service 7:00 PM and Traditional Service at 3 PM
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Ray Larsen’s 90th Birthday Celebration- Sunday December 22 at 10 AM

Ray Larsen’s 90th Birthday Celebration

December 22, 2019 – 10 am

Grace Lutheran Church                


Ray was born on December 21st, 1929 in Chicago at home.  His father came from Michigan.  His mother came to the United States from Switzerland through Ellis Island.  He was the middle child with an older brother and older sister and two younger sisters.  Ray grew up in a nice neighborhood with lots of kids on the block to play with.  They could play baseball in the street at any time of the day because very few people had cars back then.  Ray went to Reinberg grade school and Foremen high school where he met his future wife Carol Carlson.  They got married on June 10th, 1950.  At the end of June, the Korean War broke out and two years later he was drafted by the army.  He was shipped to Japan for 18 months and was discharged from the Army in June of 1954.  Ray and Carol purchased their first home in Norridge in 1955 and their first child, a daughter they named Sandy, was born on October 14th of that year.  She was followed by a son named Rick on January 15th, 1958 and a daughter named Jan on Jun 25th, 1959.  They lived in that home for 34 years before purchasing a lot in the Windings of Ferson Creek in Saint Charles in 1987.  Ray drew up the blueprints for the home and did a lot of the work on the home himself.  A sheet metal worker in heating and air conditioning he knew how to do a lot of things.  They moved into the home in 1989.  They lived in Saint Charles for 24 years before deciding to move to Greenfields because Carol had Alzheimer’s.  On November 1st of 2013 Carol moved to memory care and Ray moved to independent living.  It proved to be a good move because Ray was able to bring Carol to his apartment during the day and then have her sleep where she could be watched over in memory care.  Carol passed away four months later February 19, 2014.  They were married for 63 years and 8 months and were the loves of each other’s lives.  Ray still lives at Greenfields in the independent living section and just celebrated his 6th anniversary of being there.  Besides his 3 children, Ray has 10 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.  He is excited to welcome 3 new great-grandchildren in March, April, and May of next year bringing his total up to 18.  Ray still drives allowing him to meet each new great-grandchild the day after they are born and never misses their birthday parties.  He is a very proud great-grandpa!  Ray feels his life has been very blessed!!!