Newspaper Article for Bike Reunion & 125th Anniversary

“Bikeathon, Behind the Scenes?” By Pastor Arne Walker
125th Anniversary Celebration at Grace Sunday 9-15-19 All are Welcome!
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Newspaper Article for Bike Reunion & 125th Anniversary



As Grace Lutheran Church of Lily Lake continues to celebrate our 125th Anniversary, we couldn’t possibly do so without including Pastor Arne Walker and his love of youth.  Growing up in a congregation where you couldn’t wait to be old enough to participate in such an extraordinary experience….the annual bike-a-thon.  The bike-a-thon was not a one day trip but 2½ weeks of bicycling on back roads, sleeping on the church floors, learning about yourself (cooking, cleaning and laundry), building life-long friendships, all while strengthening our relationship with God.  The word of our “Bike Hikes” spread to friends outside our church who wanted to participate and our “family” of bikers grew.  Who would have thought so much could come out of riding your bike?

Photo courtesy of Tim Verner ~ June of 1982.

To help celebrate our 125th Anniversary, we invite everyone in the community to join us on a bike ride.  We will be starting from Grace Lutheran Church (5N600 Hanson Road, St. Charles) and ride on the Great Western Trail to Leroy Oaks Forest Preserve and back to church (approximately 15 miles).  After the ride, come back to Grace for lunch and fellowship.

We will continue our celebration on Sunday, July 14th with Pastor Walker as our guest preacher at both the 9:00 and 10:30 services.  A luncheon will be provided following the 10:30 service.  All are welcome to join our celebration, please JOIN US!