Member Spotlight – Shirley & Norm Turner

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Member Spotlight – Shirley & Norm Turner

Getting to know Shirley and Norm Turner:  Shirley grew up in Easton PA in a family with two brothers.  She graduated from Easton High School and had a very active church life.  Shirley’s girl friend holds the honor of introducing Norm and Shirley to each other.  Norm attended Phillipsburg High School across the Delaware River from Easton PA.  He shared that Phillipsburg & Easton high school play an annual Thanksgiving Day football game at Lafayette College’s Fisher Field that is one of the nation’s longest-standing high school rivalries.  The rivalry began in 1905 and is still ongoing.  The game, which typically draws in excess of 20,000 fans, has been televised on national networks.  Norm played basketball while in high school.  In 1979 Norm’s marketing and sales job brought them to St. Charles IL.    In 1995 the Turner’s built a home just off McDonald Road.  Their son Kevin and wife Dawn have 2 children and live in Elburn.  Their daughter Kim is married to Russ and has 3 children.

Shirley developed a long lasting friendship many years ago with her coworker Kathy Hooey.  They have attended the same prayer group for many years.  Shirley has an interest in small sized antiques and 5 years ago became acquainted with the ladies at Elburn’s Amazing Grace Antiques and was asked to join them as a dealer.  There are 11 dealers who rent a portion of Amazing Grace to display their items.  Shirley spends a half day a week at the store.  She said the ladies there are great company and their clientele have also brought great stories and opportunities to share love and support to each other.  Shirley will soon be busy attending to the personal business of preparing her mother’s home in PA to sell. Being unable to live alone any longer her mother has recently moved to a nursing home.

Norm is retired and is a great volunteer in our community.  He retired as a Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian Ad Litem (CASA/GAL) in the Abuse & Neglect Court in Kane County after 18 years of service.  Currently he is on the Board of Directors for Fox Valley Court Watch Program for domestic violence and abuse in the Kane and Kendall courts.  He volunteers at the Elgin Crisis Center.  He serves as the Administrator of the  an electronic resource that serves as a “guide to Services in Kane County … Resources are organizations, companies and other groups that offer services to the community.”  Norm refers to the Kane County Guide as the best kept secret.   He volunteers at the Fox Valley Crises Center in Aurora.  He takes calls on the phone and also works in the Sunshine Program, “where calls are made to people who need a well being check, social support or medication reminders.”  He is on the Outreach Committee for the Village of Campton Hills They have had events that reach out to people of Campton Hills –the last one was Santa Claus with other entertainment.  They had 90 children attend that event.  He also is an advisor for Changing Children’s World Foundation, located in Geneva IL.  Their “Mission:  To provide support for every child and adolescent to have a strong network of adult caregivers and professionals engaged in supporting their positive development within non-violent families and peaceful communities.”  More information can be found at ChangingChildren’ and their facebook page.

Thank you, Shirley and Norm, for sharing your very interesting life story.

-Written by Cathy Whiteside 1-4-18