Member Spotlight – Marlene Klingner

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Member Spotlight – Marlene Klingner

Getting to know Marlene Klingner: 

Marlene was born and raised in the St. Charles area and graduated from St. Charles High School.  She related that her parents had no religion and her religious education started when a neighbor (a Sunday School Teacher at Free Methodist Church in St. Charles) reached out to Marlene and her sister providing them transportation to Sunday School.  Marlene continued attending that church and was eventually married there.

Marlene had met her future husband, Carl, at a bakery in St. Charles, where she worked after school and he worked nights as a baker.  They were introduced to each other by their boss.  They were blessed with 2 daughters, Carlene (an interesting combination of Carl and Marlene) and Kelly, who still live in St. Charles area.

Marlene’s husband suffered from Spastic Paraplegia and spent 6 years limited to getting around in a wheel chair before passing away in 2012.  When Marlene had reached the point that she could not lift him by herself she moved to a house with an “in-law” apartment.  Her daughter Kelly‘s family moved into the main house and Marlene and Carl lived in the attached apartment conveniently having support close by.  Kelly’s two boys were a big help in entertaining Carl and made life much easier for everyone.



Marlene retired after working 25 years at Yurs Funeral Home.  She had become acquainted with Pastor Rex while she worked at the funeral home and when she was looking for a church to join, she picked Grace Lutheran Church because she knew and liked Pastor Rex.  She likes the 10:30 am Contemporary Worship Service.  She has just recently been elected to the Nomination Team, is a member of Rebecca Circle and a volunteer in the church office.  She loves to volunteer and that includes Beautiful You Ministries, Salvation Army, St. Charles Activity Club and Fox Valley Hospice.    For pleasure she likes to read and swim (not at the same time, though).

On 10-12-17, Marlene fell outside of Meijer’s Store in St. Charles.   She relates that as she was falling, she thought of her knee replacements and not wanting to land on her knees her shoulder took the brunt of her fall.  She ended up with a much fractured left shoulder which required surgery.  She is still in therapy, trying to get normal range of motion in her shoulder.  She is slowly getting back to her normal activities.

Thank you, Marlene, for letting us get to know you!

-Written by Cathy Whiteside 2-16-18