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Member Spotlight – Kurt G. Redemann


Getting to know Kurt G. Redemann: 

Kurt was born in Burlington Wisconsin and moved, with his family, to Glenview Illinois when he was 3 months old.  His family joined St. Peter’s Evangelical Church in Glenview.  He has German heritage on his Dad’s side of the family and his Mother was part Irish.  In case you are wondering why Kurt has just the initial G. for a middle name it came about when his parents used the “G” from his mother’s dad George and the “G” from his dad’s dad Gustav.  He is an only child of Oledene and Harry Redemann. His family moved to the farm near Maple Park in 1964.  Kurt participated in Confirmation at St. Peters after the family’s move to Maple Park.  He said he was Baptized and Confirmed on the same day.  His family joined Grace in ­­­­1972.  He graduated from Kaneland High School in 1969 and graduated from Joliet Junior College in 1971.

He reports that his dad worked a busy full time job and was pressed for time to do farm work at home.  When Kurt was 16, his dad told him to run their 30 acre farm, which at that time included pigs.  A challenge for him but he did it.  Kurt continues to live on the family farm by himself.  He still manages the farm although without animals at this time and hires out the planting and harvesting of the grain.  He likes to work outside at his home –gardening and growing flowers.  Some of the beautiful flowers Kurt starts from seeds, he plants in the flower beds in the front of church.

Kurt currently works as a seasonal truck driver for CENEX Harvest States (CHS) Elburn.  When asked if he was ever tempted to become a school bus driver like his mother.  He emphatically said no to working as a school bus driver.  He does like driving and seeing new places and also the important thing earning money while doing it but not as a bus driver.

He takes after both of his parents in their dedication of being involved in activities at Grace.  His father Harry, died in 1991 and his mother Oledene, died in ­­­­­­­­­­­­2013.  Oledene was known as one of the “kitchen ladies” at Grace.  Many VBS pictures are of her in the kitchen making treats for the kids.

At Grace, Kurt trims trees, plants flowers and generally takes care of the landscaping (except mowing the grass –done by John Verner & Crew).  He is usually available to help out with special projects around church.  He volunteers as an Usher, Greeter and Bell Ringer.   He participates in Bible Study, Parish House Team and Memorial Team, Grounds Team and the Grace Garden Team.  Most weeks he is the first one at church on Sundays.  Kurt has a whole family of friends at Grace.

Thank you Kurt, for sharing information about yourself with the people of Grace.


-Written by Cathy Whiteside 3-25-18