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Member Spotlight-George Morris- 90th Birthday


Happy 90th Birthday to George Morris

George was born in Salisbury, Maryland. His paternal ancestor came from England.  His maternal ancestor fought in the Revolutionary war.  He grew up on the family farm with aunts and uncles nearby.  His Grandparents lived on the next farm. His Grandfather was a Methodist minister.  He had 2 younger sisters. Recently his unmarried sister was cared for by George and his family in his home during the end stages of her fight against cancer.  His other sister, age 84, is married and has 3 children.  Family vacations were trips back to Maryland to visit his family.  Sometimes they would gather together at Ocean City to spend time on the beach.

After graduating from high school, he had a 2-year football scholarship at a military academy. He loved football, but his grades weren’t too good, so he decided not to go back for the second year.  He wanted to be a paratrooper and signed up with the Army in Baltimore in 1948.  He had his basic training in Texas.  When his 3 years was up the Korean War started and he was in the Army for another year.  He spent his time as a Jump Master, training paratroopers.  He was in the 11th Airborne Division in Campbell, Kentucky as a Staff Sergeant Instructor.  He made about 50-60 jumps in his lifetime plus a tandem jump when he was 81 years old.  He said the “free-fall” part of the jump was quite an experience.  After getting out of the service he went back home in Maryland and worked at odd jobs.  One job was as an insurance salesman collecting the weekly 25 cents families owed for insurance.  He said some of the families were so poor that they had dirt floors in their houses. He didn’t have the heart to take the money they didn’t have so he told them “I got you covered” and used his own money to cover their payment.  He said he didn’t make a good insurance salesman and soon left that job.

He headed to Chicago looking for a job. He enrolled in an electronic school (DeVry Tech -located at Fullerton & Ashland) on the GI bill.  The school furnished one large room for 5 fellows to live in.  They went to school during the day and worked a job at night.  When asked how he met his future wife he said that Eileen’s mom Mabel (a widow) worked in a cafeteria and had a 3-bedroom apartment on the second floor of her house to rent and it was all ready to move into and she told George’s roommate about the apartment.  George’s friend shared the news about Mabel’s apartment and it sounded pretty good compared to what they already lived in.  So, they moved in quickly.  Mabel had one rule “Don’t mess with my daughter.”  George became interested in Eileen and noticed she went to work in the morning as he was coming home from his night job.  He asked her if she wanted a ride to work and she said yes.  So… he managed to time his return from work, so he would be there to drive her to work. Thus, they became acquainted and their first date was a football game.  Mabel was painting windows on her house one day.  George said he liked to paint and volunteered to paint for her.  That made George wonderful in Mabel’s eyes.   One thing led to another and George and Eileen were married and lived in Medinah. After graduating from DeVry Tech, George got a job. Unfortunately, it was a desk job and he hated it.  He eventually got a union carpenter’s job and worked in construction until he retired in 1991.  He would buy a fixer-upper to live in -improve it and then sell it.  He figured they moved about every 2 years.  When he built their home on Ramm Road in 1990 they didn’t move again.

The Morris family consists of 3 daughters, Christine (Bruce) lives next door, Randi lives in Gilberts and Cathy lives in Bloomingdale. They have 9 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren (4 girls & 1 boy).

George is still very involved in the Legion in Elburn. He also is very physically involved in maintaining their beautiful home and grounds and taking care of their 2 girls (cute little dogs who aren’t spoiled –right).

When asked what connected the Morris family to Grace, Eileen said she was raised Lutheran and looked in the phone book for a Lutheran Church and found Grace. We are so happy that connection was made.  God Bless you George on your 90th Birthday!