G4G (Gathering For Grace)

G4G (Gathering For Grace)
February 18, 2018
Easter Breakfast
February 24, 2018
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G4G (Gathering For Grace)

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About this event:

Created by Nick Rexum

5N600 Hanson Road St. Charles, IL 60175

Gathering For Grace (G4G) is held downstairs in Fellowship Hall immediately following the One Worship Service. Coffee and treats are served. This meeting is where we discuss all things Grace Lutheran Church. Meetings last no more than an hour, typically more like 45 minutes.

We discuss how various mission teams are progressing on their ministry.

It is a great opportunity for anyone not currently serving, volunteering, or sharing their spiritual gifts with Grace to find out where their gifts can be utilized to help Grace in it’s church, community, and global mission!