Dolores Anderson’s 90th Birthday Celebration January 12, 2020 – 10 am

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Dolores Anderson’s 90th Birthday Celebration January 12, 2020 – 10 am

Come join us for Dolores Anderson’s 90th Birthday Party Celebration!

January 12th, 2020 at 10 AM


I was born January 13, 1930 in Sandwich, Illinois.  My paternal grandparents were from Germany and settled in Sandwich.  My maternal grandfather was also from Germany and settled in Chicago.  In the 40’s we moved to a small farm on Silver Glen Road.  I had three brothers and we went to Wasco School.  My mother drove us there since we had no school buses.  We had a long lane and when it snowed my brothers and I would help my parents shovel snow so we could get to school.  My mother took me and my brothers to Sunday School at Grace Lutheran.  It was easier to have a brother or sister go together to Confirmation, so my brother went with me.  We learned a lot and did a lot of memory work.  Pastor Oliver was the pastor and there were 16 in our class and we were confirmed in 1945.

I went to high school in St. Charles for two years.  I graduated from Sandwich High School in 1945 after our family moved back to Sandwich.  I joined the high school choir and did a lot of singing and also sang for graduation.

In 1948, I married Bob Anderson.  Bob’s family went to Grace Church too.  His father had a dairy herd.  Bob and his dad did a lot work, farming and dairy work.  We lived with Bob’s parents for two years.  We built a house on the farm.  I helped with dinners with the vegetables and dishes for the family.  I would go out near the farm and pick wild grapes, wild raspberries, wild strawberries and asparagus by the fence.

I would go many times with Ellen (Bob’s mother) when the church had midsummer festival in June.  We were still in the smaller church and we also decorated for Thanksgiving Service and Christmas Smorgasbord.  The mothers and grandmothers did all the cooking.

Bob and I started the Easter Breakfast with the Luther League.  I also helped with the Cherub Choir.  Over the years we’ve had LCW changed to WELCA.  The women have been contributing to the ministry of Grace.  One time we collected clothing and other recycled useful items.  Bob and I took clothing to Hessed House.  We went more times and they would come and meet us since they needed clothing at Hessed House.  .

Bob and I had four children, Mark, Kirk, Neal and Nancy.  They were all Baptized and Confirmed at Grace. We all went to church. When Mark was in Luther League we were counselors and would go with them into Chicago.

There was a young married group that gathered once a month.  Each couple made dinner when we got together.

In 1966, Pastor Walker came to provide leadership.  We needed to strengthen the youth group and he helped with retreats to many different areas.  He started bike trips.  The many retreats were held mainly during the year.  Pastor Walker would take them to Chicago to the museums and see the Christmas Trees from all lands.  We also went to West Garfield in Chicago to help with young adults there and try to start a congregation.

Pastor Walker started the International Christian Youth Exchange program.  Bob and I were able to have 3 Exchanges in our home, Bornholm (Denmark), Ina (Germany) and Andy (Holland).  It was rewarding and we still have letters and greetings from them.  They have all been to see me.

In later years we joined the Home Circle.  Bob passed away in 2007.  I love my church.  I helped with rummage sales.  I did the Altar Flowers for many years.  I helped with the dinners.  I love music in church.


Dolores Anderson