Adult Bible Study

We have an adult bible study that meets once a month at Luau Coffee in Wasco, IL on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 9am.

Christian education for all through 2020

Six months into the Covid and we are still learning many things. One thing we know for sure regardless is that we have to revamp our Christian Education processes for now and for in the future. We want to structure a supportive and engaging for all ages. It is a challenge to do that during the times we are face-to-face, now an even greater experiment. Grace Lutheran Church of Lily Lake is proud to introduce to you:


FAITH 5, developed by Dr. Rich Melheim, a Lutheran pastor and the founder of Faith Inkubators, is a five-step ritual that’s being applauded across the U.S. for instilling a sense of security and optimism. It is a 20-30 minute soaking in God’s word and care for members of your family and friends. We are going to ask families to share in it together nightly; and we are going to partner up willing singles and pairs to have some study buddies so that we can nurture our faith and create a caring, close-knit faith family that even the Waltons might envy.

FAITH 5 connects church to home, faith to life, and friends/family members to one another in a powerful way. In essence Faith5 does is an easy-to-follow formula that covers some important basics and empowers even the least confident discussion leader. It doesn’t hurt that Faith5 loads in a huge fun factor as well. So who is in?
The FAITH 5 steps are:
  • Step One: Share highs and lows. Name something good and bad you experienced today. Can’t think of a personal one? Check out the headlines from the news and teach empathy and compassion for the broader world.
  • Step Two: Read a verse/story from your Bible. This could be something you choose as a family/group or one of the weekly lessons from our service or picked popcorn style at random from the Bible.
  • Step Three: Talk about how the verse relates to highs and lows. Unpack the verse a bit. What does it mean in your own words? How might it relate to where you are today in your highs and lows?
  • Step Four: Pray for one another’s highs and lows, for your family, and for the world. Simply talk to God, thank Jesus for the good, and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in specific problems.
  • Step Five: Bless one another. Trace the sign of the cross on one another’s forehead or palm as a reminder that you belong to God and to one another.
At Grace, we will engage in Faith 5 until at least the end of 2020 as we plan and structure our regular split levels Christian Education programs (i.e. Sunday School, Confirmation, Bible Studies, VBS, etc.). We will be holding an ALL Grace FAITH 5 monthly at our second Sunday Zoom Fellowship. Confirmation students and their families are expected to engage in FAITH 5 as a family and on monthly Zoom, as well as participate in regular Zoom classes. (Times/Dates TBA)

If you are interested in participating in FAITH 5 and would like a partner or be willing to have more in your family/group, please contact the church office and we will pair you up.