GRACE & PHASE 4 (Updated 7/7)

As we move into Phase 4 (as of June 26), it is recommended by Synod and ELCA, that groups no larger than 50 persons may gather, including churches. All other aspects from phase 3 should continue to be followed. We intend to follow these recommendations.


After re-examining our abilities – we will be continuing to hold our services ONLINE for the time being. And are asking your patience and involvement as we do so.

  • We will continue Live-streaming/ recording our service and put up on our webpage for viewing live at 9 AM or after Sunday mornings. If you need assistance in finding these offerings, please check our website or call Pastor or other leadership. 
  • We have upgraded our website and are in the process of making it easier to engage in Grace activities while we continue to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe. Keep watch for info!
  • We are in need of people willing, and able, to be part of a cleaning crew (Individuals or family groups) that would clean targeted areas following any small group gatherings at Grace.
  • We are continuing to ask that all people enter the building at this time by scheduling and informing Nick Rex, Pastor or Cathy Whiteside of the need and providing date as far in advance as possible. This is to ensure the safety of all, especially our building regulars and volunteers, and to be able to continue to monitor who has been through the space just in case someone falls sick.
  • We are also requesting that anyone authorized to enter, either upper or lower areas, sign the info sheet on clipboard nearby. We are asking for name, date/ time of enter/exit.
  • Our Fellowship hour (Monthly), meetings and educational opportunities will be by Zoom, and special invitation
  • Pastor continues to take appointments for pastoral care, and is always available in case of an emergency. Call or text at 847-331-0373 or email to get or share info with Pastor Dawn.
  • Send in your offering – we continue to do as much ministry as we can, caring for others AND bills still require payment. Learn how to send online -Go to our website and click the DONATE link.  Thank you for all that you offer and share for the sake of ministry.
  • Check in with members – give that new directory a real workout!
  • Think of other creative ways for us to get together.
  • Keep updated on Covid19 with news from the CDC
  • We continue to receive and distribute food for the food pantry. We are working to keep the Little Library stocked with snack items, with overflow in our entry way. After a few days, items not picked up are taken to the Elburn Food Pantry.
  • Small groups that would like to meet at Grace require scheduling through our church office or Nick Rex or Cathy Whiteside.
  • We are inviting you to share your ideas for Grace to continuing to reach out in love to our neighbors and community – do you know of individuals or groups needing masks? Can we offer an online support group? Do you know of anyone needing specific help? What ideas do you know of that we can meet?
  • Keep informed by regularly checking our website until we establish our new Grace app.
  • We are working to strengthen a phone tree through our term of social distancing. If needed, we may ask that you contact the name of the person you were issued by Pastor’s letter to share immediate or emergency info.

All our in-person events continue to be on hiatus – i.e. Fellowship activities, events, meetings, etc - during the duration of Covid19 protection.  

Please keep safe, and stay in touch.

Please know that the VT and Worship Team will meet with regularity, assessing, adapting, responding to a changing world. We all hope, pray, and take on all needed practices and protocols to save our neighbors and communities, region, state and nation from greater sickness and harm. We discourage large public gatherings at this time, our church building open on a limited basis for everyone’s safety. We neither expect nor permit free access now to our church building until further notice. We have assigned a regular safety check, and expect and advise that apart from this, the building will have limited traffic. For the safety and security of all, if you find you need to access the building for good reason, please inform in advance either Cathy Whiteside, Pastor Dawn or Nick Rex.

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